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Pizza Dough

A basic dough that can be used immediately, refrigerated, or frozen for later use.

Enough for 2 large pizzas or 4 individual ones, 4 people. This makes about 900 g/2 lbs of dough, and the recipe can be halved.


  • yeast: 10g fresh (.25 block), or 4 g/1.4 tsp active dry, or 3.5 g/1.33 tsp instant dry
  • water, lukewarm: 350 mL/1.55 cups/12 fl. oz (this recipe is based on using 00 flour. If using all purpose or bread flour you will likely need another 50+ mL/.25+ cups) of water
  • sugar: 2 Tb
  • “00” flour: 550 g/20 oz/4 cups (you can substitute all purpose or bread flour)
  • olive oil: 2 Tb for the dough + an extra couple Tbs for shaping
  • salt: 2.5 tsp


  1. Activate the yeast. If using fresh or active dry yeast, it needs to be activated (skip this if you are using instant yeast). To a large mixing bowl that you will use for the dough, add the warm water, sugar and the yeast (if fresh yeast, crumble the block into the mixture). Let the mixture rest for 5-10 minutes.
  2. Add flour and oil to the bowl and mix together by hand or in a stand mixer with dough hook on low speed for a couple minutes until all ingredients are incorporated.
  3. Hydrate, salt, and knead. Turn off the mixer and let the dough sit for 5 minutes to allow the flour to fully hydrate with the water, then mix in the salt and knead the mix for a further 10 minutes on a medium speed with a stand mixer speed or by hand.
  4. Prepare to use the dough immediately or store away for later
    • To use immediately: Spread oil in a large bowl and add the dough. Form into a single ball and cover with plastic wrap for 90 minutes. After 90 minutes divide the dough into 2 balls for large pizzas or 4 for individual pizzas.
    • To use later: Spread a tablespoon of oil on a smooth surface and scrape the dough out of the bowl onto the table. Divide the dough in half and form into 2 large or 4 small balls. Place the balls into separate seal-able plastic bags or air tight containers. Refrigerate for 24-48 hours or freeze for a couple months. When ready to use, allow the balls to come to room temperature 90 minutes before you plan to cook them. If frozen, thaw completely before allowing to also sit at room temperature for 90 minutes.
  5. Shape. Dust a work surface with flour and shape the balls into round or rectangle pizzas, shaping and stretching with your hands, allowing the outside crust to be thicker than the middle.

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