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Honey-Cinnamon Butter

Perfect for your favorite warmed bread product.


  • butter: 125 g/ or 8 Tbsp/1 stick, at room temperature (metric/U.S. conversions are not exact, but it isn’t relevant–use a convenient amount)
  • sea salt: 1 tsp coarse Maldon/Fleur de Sel, or .5 tsp fine table salt
  • honey: 2-3 tsp, depending on your preferred sweetness
  • ground cinnamon: .25-.5 tsp, start with .25 and add more to your taste


  1. Mix ingredients. With a fork, mix the butter, honey, half the salt and half the cinnamon until completely incorporated. Taste, and add more of the salt and cinnamon to your preference.
  2. Use immediately, or refrigerate a week or freeze for a couple months