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Brine for Pork or Poultry

Brine for Pork or Poultry

A great way to keep thicker cuts of lean meat moist during cooking, and the added sugar helps with browning.

1 liter/quart is enough for about 4 pork chops


  • water: 1 liter/ quart
  • sea salt: 4 Tb/.25 cup (amount is for using coarse salt. For fine grain table salt, reduce to 3 Tb)
  • sugar: 4 Tb/.25 cup
  • peppercorns, whole: 10
  • optional extras: star anise, bay leaf, citrus peel, clove, etc.


  1. Boil half the water and add the salt and sugar to dissolve.
  2. Add the remaining water and ingredients. This will bring water back down to room temperature.
  3. Add the meat to the mixture and place covered in the refrigerator for 30 minutes up to 2 hours.
  4. Dry the meat: Using paper towels, completely dry off all brine mixture before frying/roasting. Note: the meat will need much less salt than normal un-brined meat.